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About 11 years we protect your projects against the damage!

In epoch of development of large cities the field of building makes headway. Every day there are more different-sized objects, structures, buildings. New technologies, innovative solutions, tendency to find a contractor with a guarantee of quality of performed work, saving of labor force and material resources – it dictates guiding lines when you choose a service company today.

The main mission of MVK GISKON company – not just perform waterproofing works on the objects of Kiev and regions, but also to develop this field in Ukraine, to bring it up to a qualitatively new level. Therefore, we are constantly searching for innovative solutions, conform to the trends of modern construction of more developed countries and realize new approaches and technologies in our work.

More than 80 experts in various fields work in our company. Every day they provide a field of operations, check the quality and are charged with timely completion of construction.

Directions of MVK GISKON company:

  • waterproofing of foundations, cappings, piled fields, cellars, underground parking, fire-tanks, swimming pools;
  • repair and restoration of reinforced concrete structures of plants, cooling stacks;
  • solution and repair works of roofs, terraces;
  • chemical impact solution of wear-resistant floors ( covers );
  • hydrophobization of facades, fences, surface сleaning of wall saltpetres;
  • solution of slabs and the gunite work.

MVK GISKON makes headway: every year — it’s a new breakthrough, a new purpose which requires the efforts of the maximum capacity to achieve it. To progress, the development are the key vectors of the company. Obsolete materials and methods, involving a quantity of labor forces and diseconomy, nobody needs it. We offer only actual ways of solution of problems, focusing on standarts, which demands the world of a modern building .

Key points in the company’s work on the object:

  1. Technical task. We know how to listen and hear, to understand the chief task and to offer the best solution of it: high-quality selection of materials and services.
  2. Deadline. We work within a clear timetable, realizing that the object must be put into operation in the required time, we know how to distribute the power of strategy and organize the operation.
  3. Quality assurance. We are responsible for the results of performed work, providing the assurance to the customer. The field of operation does not imply errors and omissions in the service, because it can become a direct cause of the withdrawal of the building.

Today, an advanced company must have essential tools to bring the workflow up to a high level. MVK GISKON have a logistic base, high pressure washing machines, blasting equipment, compressors, painting equipment, apparatus for applying shotcrete, injection pumps, equipment for polyrod concrete, equipment for welding of membranes, bumpers etc.

For 11 years the company has performed waterproofing works of a lot of objects , including PAO “Azot”, NSK “Olympic”, HK AO “Kyivmiskbud”, TOV “SWC -bud”, OOO “Metallurgical Center”, “Budspecservis”, UDP company etc.

Completed objects, projects and partnerships , we are proud of :

2006 — waterproofing of roof of PVC membrane on the plant of artificial in Borislav artificial diamonds (Zakarpatskiy region).
2009 — output of a new product — water repellent effect of wet brick / stone. 2012 — the beginning of close cooperation with the Spanish manufacturer of PVC membranes Sintec.
2012 — roof waterproofing in the shopping center “Arcadia” (near the Industrial bridge ).
From 2013 — roof waterproofing, basement, roof parking in the residential complex ” Novopecherski Lipki.”
2013-2014 — reconstruction of workrooms on the strategical important objet of the country — PAO”Azot” .
From 2014 — the improvement of the residential complex ” Novopecherskie Limes .”
2014 — beginning of close cooperation with the Greek manufacturer of waterproofing mixes NEOTEX, polymer coatings on the floor, energy-saving innovative materials .
2015 — start of device of slabs over an area of ​​40,000 square meters during the year.
2015 — delivery of a record number of PVC membranes for all the years of the cooperation with Sintec.

The result speaks for itself! After examination of the information as for completed objects, provided materials on the site, the company’s achievements for 11 years, and, finally, ordering work for your own object, you can be assured of the high quality of performed work with the further service and the quality assurance.