Participation in the construction of residential complex "Fountain Boulevard" - Giskon
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From the year 2013 MVK GISKON company is actively involved in the construction of residential complex “Fountain Boulevard” at 6/1, Patrice Lumumba street, which first phase was commissioned in May of 2013. For the last, 2015 year, experts of MVK GISKON have performed a following number of works :
Waterproofing of the roof of the underground parking about 5000m2.
The proofing sandwitch was performed from the floor slab of the parking to
the pouring of concrete surface before performing an accomplishment .

List of performed work:

  1. Fill of the layer, generating the incline.
  2. Laying of geotextile.
  3. Installation of PVC waterproofing membrane.
  4. Laying of drainage spinous of membrane.
  5. Laying of the filter layer of geotextile.
  6. Installation of the heat insulation.
  7. Laying of the protective layer of geotextile.
  8. Pouring of concrete.

PVC membrane URDIN (Spanish production) was applied as a waterproofing layer. In the year 2016, works ​​on the improvement of the territory of parking will be performed. Concrete floors – 15300m2
Works on the device of concrete floors of a three-section parking have been performed.

  1. Coating to remove the capillary suction.
  2. Fill of floor with concrete with fiber.
  3. Application of toppings.
  4. Application of the varnish.

    All these works have been performed for one month.

Waterproofing of roofs of the residential complex “Fountain Boulevard” – about 4000m2.

It has been performed a number of roofing sandwitches with application of waterproofing and PVC roofing membrane. Works were performing little by little after the construction of the monolith for one year. Operational roofs and non operational roofs have been performed.
It was also performed an improvement of local area, laying of paving flag — about 500 m2, the waterproofing of walls of parking, of fire tanks, of walls ITP and so on.