Structure of underground waterproofing of residential complex “SIGNATURE” - Giskon
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In November 2015 MVK GISKON company has won a tender for the moistureproofing of the building at 11 –A, Mechnikova street of Pechersk district in Kiev known as residential complex «Signature». The tender was attended by about 8 companies with a variety solutions as for waterproofing of the office and residential center namely the residential center «Signature».

List of performed work on the node point:

  1. Surface cleaning of the pile head.
  2. Installation of PVC tab over the circumference of the pile head with the butt-welding.
  3. Flowing of the space between the tab and the pile head after surfacing of concrete by adhesive composition.
  4. Welding of PVC waterproofing membrane to water key.

Scope of performed work:

  1. The device of roofing sandwich (800m2).
  2. Placement of geotextile.
  3. PVC membrane.
  4. Cement-sand screed (50 mm).
  5. Installation of PVC key 500mp.
  6. Waterproofing of pile head using a penetrating composition (130 units).

All above-listed works have been performed within the time limit of 2 months.
In the year 2016 works on the overtical lift of the waterproofing layer to the height of the underground part of the building are planned and also continuation of waterproofing of the mattress. Below you can learn the photo report of the performed work.